Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick. Who is Jo March?

I remember when I first read that opening line of an Anna Quindlen essay (and isn’t that a great essay title?) While I’m pretty sure my Dh did not know immediately there was no question for me. In fact, I posit that most women considered Jo their favorite, I think that we do relate to Meg, Beth, and Amy as well. And, who can forget poor Joey on Friends (that's a line we quote often in our house)?

I remember several of the adventures of the March girls (although, not quite what got Amy into trouble, thanks Alana) and have very clear flashes of reading it, but none of them are in my adulthood. Therefore, I was thinking about wanting to re-read the book. I think that I’d understand a lot more of the political interactions (especially after having read Geraldine Brooks’ March) find moments I remember with a grin, and maybe figure out why Jo made the marriage decision she did.

So, as we approach the Dormition fast (when I like to pick up a classic) and being asked to choose the August book*, I thought I’d throw down the gauntlet and propose that anyone who wants to read Little Women with me and I’ll post some discussion questions along the way. I’ll start over the weekend, come join me in the March parlor. And, did you answer the question correctly?

*this will be crossposted.

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  1. I have read "Little Women" at least 25 times over my life and I can almost recite it! Be sure and tell people to get a copy of the book the way it was originally written and not an "updated" version.
    Sal's Girl

  2. Shame on me for thinking Jo March is the nanny on that reality tv show about misbehaving children. Of COURSE I remember now. Little Women was one of my favorites when I was young, and I own a version of it on film as well. I think I will take your challenge and read it to my oldest daughter, but first I must get through the seven books I am currently reading. Yikes. Maybe I'll just watch the movie with her instead? Just kidding. I really do want to read it.

  3. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. Hands down. I was so disappointed with the movie, but they are rarely as good as the book. Life is complete and utter madness for me right now, but I am going to try and reread it!