Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants is about Jacob, an elderly man in a nursing home, who begins to have memories of his days working for a traveling circus. Corrupt people, forbidden love, circus workers being thrown from the train, murder, you name it - it's there.  The story is wrapped up in the twistedness of circus life and how people put up with unethical behaviors because of the roll that the depression and prohibition played in that era.

This book bounces back in forth in Jacobs life.  His memories of working for the circus was just as real to the reader as it was to Jacob.  Just as I was engrossed in Jacob's circus days the next chapter was back in the nursing home with Jacob is in his 90's and a walker by his side.  This left me feeling confused and lost.  Normally, I would be irritated when an author writes like this however, in this book, it added to the story.  I think the confusion was purposeful as it allows the reader to understand Jacob's confusion due to age.

I must warn you there are a few adult scenes so 18 and older (or married - whatever age is older) please!  Over all there is so much to love about this book.


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  2. I really, really loved this book...the time changes threw me too, but I agree with you...it seemed to enhance the confusion in his mind which he'd worked through with some clarity in the last few paragraphs. Great review!
    Kristina J.

  3. Ok, maybe I'll give this one a second try. I gave up after a few chapters because of the flip-flopping. How adult are the adult scenes? Are we talking violence, because I get nightmares easily...