Thursday, May 28, 2009

June Read

It's my turn to choose a book for June, and I have no idea how to go about it, so here's the deal. I went to the library this morning, chose three books at random (from a list of books recommended on a blog I frequent), brought them home, and plan to read all of them this month. You choose which you'd like to read with me! Here's your fair warning: I don't know anything about any of them. Could be interesting. Here they are:

1. The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield (I started reading this one first because it has the earliest due-back date. I'm on page 13 right now, and so far so good.)

2. The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards

3. These Is My Words - Nancy E. Turner

If anyone has a better idea let me know - I'm no good at this sort of thing.

Good luck!



  1. Okay, I'm finished with the first one (The Thirteenth Tale), and must warn anyone who chooses it that it has a part, a little ways in, that gets a little iffy (I almost put it down and quit - it was distasteful to me), but it is short, and then moves on and becomes a good story. I couldn't put it down, which isn't saying much, as I can't put anything down once I start. Anyway I quite liked the book. Hope you do, too!

  2. I've read the Memory Keeper's Daughter, but I have much to say about it.

  3. Amber, do tell. I just finished it last night. It was good (but I honestly am starting to think that I like EVERYthing I read), but some things bugged me about it. But then I just start wondering if I'm nit-picking it to death.

  4. "The Thirteenth Tale" has some of the most amazing words about reading and why we've read I've ever read. And, it is GOTHIC in the truest sense of the word.

    I've read "Memory Keeper's Daughter". I don't think you are being nitpicky, Andrea, there are serious things to critique about it.